Birds Sounds

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Birds noises


This category has all the sounds of your favorite Birds Animals!!

Almost 50 High Quality Sounds all in one awesome birds call list! In this list there are a lot of songbirds.

Listen to the birds sounds and enjoy:


  • owls hiss,
  • parrots talking and squawk,
  • raven croak,
  • bees buzz,
  • crows caw,
  • redlori sing,
  • mosquito whine,
  • finch chuckle,
  • mockingbird sound,
  • amazon macaw squawk,
  • finch chatter,
  • gull sound,
  • jay exotic noise,
  • swallow noise,
  • nightingale singing,
  • canary bird singing,
  • yellow rumbed warbler chatter,
  • sparrow sound,
  • woodpecker pecking sound,
  • tawny frogmouth exotic sound,
  • pigeon noise,
  • lapwing and peacock bird sounds


Enjoy the birds sounds!

A great collection of birds singing!

Birds Audio Playlist

Below is a audio playlist with all sounds of birds. Enjoy the sounds of the animals in an outstanding songbird soundlist.

Bird Sounds in a scrollable list

You can scroll down listen to the sounds and download the birds singing sounds.

Children will love these sounds.